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Join the LandProz Team

At LandProz, we are always looking for Brokers, Agents, Auctioneers, and Farm Managers to add to our team. Whether you are brand new to the business or a seasoned professional, we are interested in hearing from you. After all, there is so much more that goes into this business than just a title. To us the background of the individual, knowledge of the Ag and Rec industry, experience in any relevant field, and personality is what makes a great LandProz team member.

So, if you love farming, hunting, being outdoors, making your own schedule, and working with others we want to hear from you!


Agents – We are looking for individuals with drive, confidence, and great people skills. A background in Agriculture or Recreation is helpful and preferred, and we believe in backing our agents and promoting them, not just our company. So, no matter your real estate skill level if you think you have what it takes contact us, we will work with you!


Brokers – We are always looking to expand our company if it’s the right fit. We will work with you to promote your current office or if you’d like to start a new one. Join us and be part of our team and the LandProz movement!


Auctioneers – We are looking for good bid callers that can handle the real estate atmosphere. Presenting large properties in front of a crowd is an art and if you have what it takes we’d love for you to be part of our team. We require that all of our auctioneers be licensed as real estate brokers or agents.


Farm Managers – In addition to great agents we are always looking to add knowledgeable and assertive farm management professionals to join our team. We will work with you to develop and expand your existing network in your area, and create a portfolio of landowners and operators. This also is a great stepping stone to having a career as a land sales specialist. 



Company Appeal to Farmland, Hunting Properties & Land of all Types – our company is branded to serve not just one industry, but many! If you notice many land specific companies focus on and are promoted in a way that it only appeals to certain types of properties. This can really put a limit on their brokers and agents, and that can lead to lost sales. At LandProz, we have a brand and team that fits a very wide range of farm types and marketing that properly promotes them. This serves all of our clients to the highest level and puts more money in their pocket and yours.


Auctions, Listings, Management & More – in addition to the many types of property we sell and work with, we also offer a wide range of sale methods to our clients. In today’s world one size does not fit all, and either does one approach. In certain situations a listing may be best, and in others a live auction or even a online only sale. We also offer comprehensive and lease management for our cropland clients and investors.


Licensing & Orientation – from the day you decide to join our team we support you every step of the way. From assisting in scheduling licensing classes to teaching you in our Professional On-boarding and Orientation School, our brokers and team leaders will provide the education and knowledge to make you successful faster!

Large Selling and Marketing Territories – each one of our brokers and agents are allocated a marketing area and plenty of room to sell. This is why our company has some of the most successful agents, is growing at one of the fastest rates, and has an unbelievable agent retention rate of over 96%. The bottom line is we give our agents space to succeed and grow their business, you won’t be competing with your team here, you’ll be working with them!


Very Competitive Agent Compensation – our commission splits reflect and reward success. A strong company has a strong team, and one of the keys is having an appreciated team. Inquire to see what LandProz can do for you today!


Advanced Marketing Techniques & Design – this is where our company really goes to work for you. We provide a turn key marketing program that fully supports our team. From TV to Social and Billboards to Books our talented staff has a option for everyone! Take a look at all of our media and you will see what it has done for our team and what it can do for you!


Exposure on a National Level – with our marketing program, network, and partners we can promote your properties on the national stage. Beyond web and basic social we have 2 nationally broadcast television shows and a social reach of millions with our team members.


Partnerships with Leading Companies – as you probably have seen LandProz has many companies we are proud to partner with. This is beneficial to the company and our team because it provides one of the most important things in any business and that is a great network! As we continue to grow we will align ourselves with other industry leading partners, and for you this means many more doors will be open to help you succeed.


Company Support for Annual Costs – LandProz provides and assists with many annual costs that are part of being in the business. From online to certain fees we support our team in many ways, and although we believe both sides should have some skin in the game, we are there to help!


Additional Training & Staff Support – as a team we have annual, monthly, and weekly meetings, webinars, power points, and tutorials to discuss and inform on all aspects of the business. Our brokers and team leaders are also available anytime to answer questions or assist in anyway we can. We continue to help you develop your skills and knowledge as long as you are part of our team!


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