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LandProz Team

Amy Willett
MO Broker / MN Agent / Office Manager
[email protected] 507-373-5660 Agent Profile
Brian Haugen
MN, SD, IA, WI Broker & Farm Manager
[email protected] 507-208-0791 Agent Profile
Chad Stavnes
LandProz Heartland Real Estate Broker
[email protected] 507-828-7045 Agent Profile
Greg Jensen
MN & IA - Land Broker & Auctioneer
[email protected] 507-383-1067 Agent Profile
Aaron Houk
IA & MO - Land Agent
[email protected] 573-338-8332 Agent Profile
Alex Wayne
Southern MN - Land Agent
[email protected] 507-456-6559 Agent Profile
Beau Jensen
MN & IA - Land Agent & Auctioneer
[email protected] 507-402-0553 Agent Profile
Chip Terpstra
Southeast IA - Land Agent & Farm Management Pro
[email protected] 641-780-2304 Agent Profile
Corey Hansen
West Central IA - Land Agent & Farm Management Pro
[email protected] 515-306-6753 Agent Profile
Glen Salow
Southern IA / Northern MO - Land Agent
[email protected] 515-494-5560 Agent Profile
JJ Wise
Northern IA / Southern MN - Land Agent & Auctioneer
[email protected] 641-420-7355 Agent Profile
Josh Adams
Southern MN - Land Agent
[email protected] 507-383-4970 Agent Profile
Josh Carpenter
Northern IA - Land Agent & Farm Management Pro
[email protected] 641-860-0922 Agent Profile
Kaleb Lehmann
Central Minnesota - Land Agent
[email protected] 507-317-8035 Agent Profile
Kelly Bolin
Southeast MN - Land Agent
[email protected] 651-380-2857 Agent Profile
Odean Jerdee
Southern MN / Northern IA - Land Agent
[email protected] 507-383-1402 Agent Profile
Pat Reeve
Southeast MN / Northeast IA - Land Agent
[email protected] 507-259-9194 Agent Profile
Scott Powers
Southern IA - Land Agent & Auctioneer
[email protected] 515-480-3008 Agent Profile
Tyler Tisue
Southeast IA - Land Agent
[email protected] 563-370-0866 Agent Profile
Tyler Hansen
LandProz Heartland Real Estate Agent
[email protected] 507-828-7050 Agent Profile
Tyler Nelson
West Central WI - Land Agent
[email protected] 608-604-5844 Agent Profile
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