Farm Management & Leases



Farm and Cropland Management can be time consuming, stressful and for many a loss in optimal revenue and a depletion of valuable farmland. This is where your local LandProz Farm Management Team can help. We work very closely with each landowner to create a favorable Farm Operation and Preservation Plan that reflects their needs and goals, after that you can feel confident to leave the work up to the LandProz Team. Depending on each of our clients specific needs we secure the “best return” to you and your valuable farmland. Contact your local LandProz Farm Manager today! 844-227-2825


  • Our Farm Operations and Preservation Services
  • Full Service Cropland Management
  • Farm planning and budgeting
  • Marketing Management
  • Crop Risk Insurance Management
  • Input Purchasing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Tillage Management
  • Planting Management
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Application Management
  • Scouting Management
  • Harvesting Management
  • Grain Management
  • Agronomy Management
  • Soil Testing Management
  • Mapping Management
  • Best Management Practices
  • Fertility Management
  • Finance and Reconciliation Management
  • Financial Controller Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Landowner Reporting
  • Cash Rent Leasing Management
  • Cash plus Bonus Lease Management
  • Crop Share Leasing Arrangement Management
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Securing Payments and Land Owner Security Management
  • Land Maintenance and Improvement Management
  • Drainage tile systems Maintenance and Repair Management
  • New Drainage systems Management
  • Boundary and Land Cleanup Management
  • Access Repair, Maintenance And Improvement Management
  • Conservation System Management
  • Environmental review and concerns Management
  • Irrigation Management
  • Soil Conservation Practices Management
  • Government Policy and Program Management
  • Farm Program Management
  • CRP, WRP etc Management
  • New Program Management
  • Equip and Other Conservation Cost Share Project Management
  • Beginning Farmer Program Management
  • Farm Service Agency Compliance Management

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