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Farm Management & Leases

The “FUTURE” Farm Management

Farm and Cropland Management can be a time consuming, stressful and for many a loss in optimal revenue and a depletion of valuable farm land. This is where your local LandProz Farm Management Team can help. We work very closely with each landowner to create a favorable Farm Operation and Preservation Plan that reflects their needs and goals, after that you can feel confident to leave the work up to the LandProz Team. Depending on each of our clients specific needs we secure the “best return” to you and your valuable farmland.


Redefining Farm Management

The Next Generation of Farm Operations and Preservation

At LandProz, our belief is the old way of managing farms as a service is an outdated and extremely flawed model. We feel it is merely a one sided transaction where the traditional farm manager looks for the highest payer year in and out. That model is very ill received by operators and most importantly what we have witnessed is the farm does not receive this well either. We sincerely agree that a favorable rate of return is of utmost importance for your valuable land asset but it cannot be the only determining factor. LandProz believes that there are many more definitions of “return”. “Return” is not a one year payment plan. “Return” is a solid consistent steward of the land. “Return” is safe best management practices on every farm. “Return” to LandProz is vetting the best operators and giving them time to know and understand your farm and all of its uniqueness to better care for it over time. “Return” is sharing in the profits of the “great” times, maintaining in the “average” times and surviving the “tough” times together, just like Grandpa or Dad taught. “Return is providing accurate data to you in real time each time an operator is active on your farm. LandProz delivers to you the very “best return”

Our model of Farm management is replacing the old outdated model of farm management with proven success. LandProz provides this equitable structure by working with the nearest and best Farm Management Pro’s in your area that know the local land and have been brought up in and around the farm. Our Farm Management Pro’s earn our designation with their past farm experience, their locale and our proven farm management policies and procedures. LandProz is not your outdated suit and tie salesman trying to make the biggest dollar, we are dirt on our boots farm guys and gals who know how best to operate and preserve your farm. LandProz Farm Management Pros partner with the very best operators/farmers nearest to your farm land. LandProz believes that no one besides maybe Grandpa or Dad know and understand your location, what works best, and what improvements would yield the best long term value and return for your farm as our great operators/farmers who we honor to preserve your land. We strongly believe and value our operator/farmer relationships and they are key to delivering you the very “best returns,” LandProz decided we did not want the operator/farmer who is many miles away, who does not spend much time on your farm or truly does not understand the uniqueness of the area your farm is in. LandProz decided to best serve you and your farms legacy we wouldn’t just decide to go with the highest paying bandit that comes from afar and robs your valuable land of high yields and leaves it depleted after a short 1, 2, or 3 year term. The dated farm management system of yesterday has developed these unfortunate examples. After the next guy swoops in and offers $5 or $10 more an acre the vicious cycle continues. As many operators/farmers retire or exit farming, the pool of qualified farmers continues to decline. It begins to be a small world amongst these folks and word spreads very quickly amongst the communities about the dated model of depleted managed farms.

LandProz knows that your farm is a long term hold asset maybe 3-5 generations in some cases. We believe we need to align that same principal by allowing our great operator/farmers, if they are performing well, to keep them as a long term hold as well, to best serve your farm. Our strategy is a 2 sided, 2 way street that delivers you the “best return” and that friends, is the next generation of Farm Operations and Preservation.


What We Specialize In



Information for Landowners

Many members of our team at Landproz Farm Management team are landowners, some even multigenerational farmers that know and understand how important their land is just like you. You are most likely reading this information because you do care so much for the land that you own.

We provide you unmatched services to best manage your land and ensure your receive the highest returns along with the best care for such a limited and very valuable resource, your land! If you are looking for lease management, crop sharing arrangements, custom operations all the way to full service farming management than we are here for you. Our cutting edge model of farm management will best serve you and your land for years to come whether you still live on the farm or may be a thousand miles away.

Once you meet either in person or in conference with your local farm manager the rest of the time you can rest easy. Your LandProz Farm Manager will handle all the details and provide you with timely agreements and contracts, reporting and knowledge of operations, provide payments on time, recommend, ensure compliance in increasing government regulations, manage and complete all capital improvements to your specifications and care for your land each day as if you were there yourself watching over it.

We sincerely appreciate your care and concern for your land and your interest in LandProz and our team to serve you. Our goal is to provide as much information and knowledge as possible so you can make the right decisions for the long term health of your land. From the moment you decide to work with us you can rest easy everything will be handled with care form A-Z
We look forward to meeting you and your land!


Information for Farmers/Operators

Planning for the Next Generation

If you are top farm operator in your area we at LandProz want to serve you. We partner with the best operators and remain loyal to you as one of the most important people in operating and caring for LandProz managed farms.

Historically, Farm Managers have been a sore spot for most farmers. The outdated model of farm management employed an adversarial farm manager against you to try to pry the highest dollar from whoever would pay it and sell you out the next year for a dollar to the next highest bidder. The only person who won was the farm manager because he charged the landowner a high rate to do that. This model is wrong and we are here to stop it. We want to work with both the landowner and the operator in a joint venture that both parties win and maintain a long term relationship via a caring local farm manager that wants the operator to thrive so the land is best cared for and the landowner receives the best return and care for their precious asset. We are employed by many leading farmers throughout the country to provide management on rented acres and help ease the negotiation process. We also understand how busy farm operators are today and help handle all the ins and outs of things like leases, tile or irrigation projects and reporting to the landowner all the activities that are taking place on their land just to name a few services we provide. We utilize the operators’ current technology systems and harness all that information into our leading management software systems for you so your time is not wasted collecting and reporting information to your landowners. LandProz Farm Managers have strict guidelines to keep you close to your managed farms and keep you on them for longer periods to help provide you a solid return on your multiyear investments into rented land. We are looking for the best farm operators to treat the land they rent as their own, who know someday it may be theirs!


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