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We appreciate your interest in LandProz and our team. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible so you can make the right decision for you and your property.


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We Specialize In

  • Cropland / Tillable / Large Farms
  • Hunting Properties / Timber
  • Ag & Rec Land Auctions
  • Government Programs / CRP / WRP
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Buildable Sites
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Family Estates
  • Investment Properties
  • Exit Options for Land Owners
  • Multi-Parcel Auctions
  • State & Federal Acquisition


This is a very important part of the process once you have decided to sell. All are great , but for each situation one is best, and working with the right company and agent will ensure you will have help selecting the correct type of sale.

Live Auction – or public auction has gained popularity in recent years more than ever, and why, because it works! Some members of our team have been conducting live land auctions for over 40 years and have the process down to a science. Every detail matters right down to the day of the week to have it, how to sell multiple tracts, and creating an exciting atmosphere at the auction for bidders.  Usually a 60-75 Day process from when the first advertising is sent out, the auction takes place, and the closing is completed.

Sealed Bid Auction – this method has many similarities to a traditional auction but allows for more privacy during the sale. Only preregistered bidders are allowed to attend the closed door process or bid online. Each bidder has a chance to submit a bid per round until the highest price is achieved and the winning bid/buyer is realized. Usually a 60-75 Day process from when the first advertising is sent out, the auction takes place, and the closing is completed.

Online Only Auction – with this method our company promotes your property just like the previous two types of auction options, but all of the bidding is done online through our app. We set a sale time frame with a start and end date/time. The bidders will register and place their bids and can increase them up until the time expires. Usually a 50-60 Day process from when the first advertising is sent out, the online auction takes place, and the closing is completed.

Listing – also known as private treaty is a great way to market your farm also. This method is used for many reasons including comfort of the sellers, a unique property that may take an extra effort to find the right buyer, no real time limits on when the property has to be sold, and more! With this method there is not a set time frame , but once the purchase agreement is signed it usually takes around 30 to 45 days to close.

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Website on multiple devices

LandProz only offers advertising options to its clients and does not claim to be affiliated or in partnership with the following media unless otherwise stated.

500+ Land Specific Websites – we start with which is one of the industry leading land company websites and from there put your property on hundreds of other land specific websites including,,, and just to name a few.



Online Bidding via LandProz App – we offer an online bidding option to all of our buyers that are unable to attend an auction or want to bid anonymously. This is an easy to download app and requires money down to register to bid.

National & Local TV Advertising – we offer both locally and nationally televised ads for our featured properties and land auctions. In addition to custom 15 and 30 second ads that we produce in house for local news and television stations, we also are partnered with Driven with Pat and Nicole on the Outdoor Channel and Team 200 hosted by Adam Hays on the Pursuit Channel, which allows our company to showcase your property to millions of viewers nationwide.




Over 2 Million Social Media Followers in Our Network – with social media becoming more important in the real estate market, we have a full time staff dedicated to the promotion of every one of our properties we sell. We utilize our company and professional broker and agent Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Snapchat, and LinkedIn pages to feature your listings and auctions. We also partner with other industry companies that promote our properties so our reach is in the millions organically and in the hundreds of millions when boosted.



Professional Full Time Video & Drone Production Staff – we have a full time in house staff that produces fully finished drone videos, television ads, featured property highlights, power points, and more. Each video may have graphics, aerial maps, soil maps, important statistics, directions to the property, pictures, and a professional voice over.


Exclusive Direct Mailing List of Buyers & Investors – we produce and send out 1000’s of custom postcards or booklets on our featured listings and auctions. This includes resident and non resident potential buyers and investors alike. We update our lists monthly so we are making sure to reach the most recent and active clients looking in your area. All are full color and laminated to ensure that they showcase the property at it’s best when they arrive.

Eye Catching Signage & Hard Copy Ads – at LandProz we provide vibrant high quality signage to each of our clients who wishes to have on placed on their property. We also produce full color quarterly books, property booklets, postcards, flyers, banners, and newspaper ads to promote all of our listings and auctions. We have a full time in house graphic design team, so if you have any special requests we are happy to accommodate you.


Partnerships with Industry Leading Companies – we know that working well with others can provide better results in almost any situation, and the land industry isn’t any different. Our partners include both Ag and Rec companies like AcreValue, Conservis, Trophy Bucks, Driven, Team 200, The Moonguide, and Wicked. These great relationships allow us as a company to network and promote your property farther and faster than we could alone.


What Is My Property Worth & Getting Started

Many factors are evaluated in order to determine your farm’s value. Our LandProz agents will complete a No Cost Land Evaluation and provide you with a complimentary analysis of your farm.


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