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We have brokers, agents and auctioneers that have been in this business for decades. Together we have sold countless properties and well over 1000 at auction.

What makes us different?

This is a question our agents get asked often. Is it the company, our marketing, our culture, our team, our networking? The truth is it is all of it and more. To start with we have team members that have been in the real estate and auction business for over 40 years. If you pair that experience with innovation and the flexibility we offer our clients we believe we have a company that can serve their clients to the highest degree.

We have brokers, agents and auctioneers that have been in this business for decades. Together we have sold countless properties and well over 1000 at auction.

Multiple Sales Method Options
Each property is unique and that is why the sales approach should be customized as well. We offer listings, live auctions, online auctions, sealed bid sales and more.

Specific Property Specialists
We have designated property specialists for cropland, hunting properties, rural homes and more. As a seller you will be working with an agent that understands your property and how to market it.

Innovative Marketing
In a world that is changing by the minute the need for a diverse and well planned approach to promote your property is needed more than ever. We create a customized marketing plan for each property.

The Team Approach
We work for our clients as a team. The old model of one agent working alone limits the reach and potential of a sale. We believe in having multiple professionals there for you and your property.


LandProz is a team of landowners, farmers, hunters, and conservationists.

LandProz brokers and agents were hand selected because of their extensive knowledge and expertise in the agricultural and recreational land industry. Our team can help you find that perfect farm you have been looking for, or help you with the sale of your current property. Many of us have been selling and specializing in land sales for years, with some being in the business for the better part of four decades. Combine that experience with the newer generation of brokers and agents who understand innovative marketing strategies, modern networking, and the future of farm management, and that is what makes our team one of the best in the industry!

We specialize in

- Cropland / Tillable / Large Farms
- Hunting Properties / Timber
- Ag & Rec Land Auctions
- Livestock Facilities
- Government Programs / CRP / WRP
- Buildable Sites
- 1031 Exchanges
- Family Estates
- Investment Properties
- Exit Options for Land Owners
- Multi-Parcel Auctions
- State & Federal Acquisition

Country Living provides a service that we have noticed is needed in the rural property and acreage real estate industry. Country Living specializes in country properties including homes, acreages, cabins, hobby farms and horse facilities and we work daily with items like septic systems, wells, large outbuildings, animals etc.

Country Living combines innovative real estate marketing with our local knowledge and service. We are also Realtors and offer MLS services for all of our client's properties. Contact Brian Haugen or any one of our team members to experience the CL Difference today!

We specialize in

- Acreages – Any Size
- Hobby Farms
- Buildable Sites
- Equestrian Small Town Living
- Recreational Land
- Professional Drone Services
- Matterport Virtual Tour
- Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
- Fully Produced Video
- Professional Photography
- Realtor® Association Member


In today’s world digital advertising is more important than ever. Our full time staff is dedicated to bringing our clients the most effective options available for them and their property. We also still have a very good hard copy presence for our less tech savvy clientele as well. Here are just some of the things we do to promote your property!

LandProz only offers advertising options to its clients and does not claim to be affiliated or in partnership with the following media unless otherwise stated.

500+ Land Specific Websites, Zillow and MLS - we start with which is one of the industry leading land company websites and from there put your property on hundreds of other land specific websites including,,, and just to name a few. On our LandProz Country living we also utilize the MLS,, Zillow and more!

- Online Bidding via LandProz App
- National & Local TV Advertising
- Millions of Social Media Followers in Our Network
- Professional Full Time Video & Drone Production Staff
- Exclusive Direct Mailing List of Buyers & Investors
- Email Blasts

- Eye Catching Signage & Hard Copy Ads
- Virtual Tours
- Partnerships with Industry Leading Companies
- Professional Photography
- Realtor® Association Member

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