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Selling land for any reason is a major decision. This is a process that you only get to do one time on any given farm, so choosing the right avenue to complete that task is everything. It all begins with the company you hire and the method that they use to market and sell your property.

We appreciate your interest in LandProz and our team. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible so you can make the right decision for you and your property. From the second you decide to work with us until the closing is completed.  We handle everything from A-Z


What is the best sales method for my farm?

 This is probably the most important part of the process once you have decided to sell. All are great , but for each situation one is best, and picking the right company will ensure you will have help selecting the correct type of sale.

Auction – This method of selling land has gained popularity in recent years more than ever, and why, because it works! Some members of our team have been conducting land auctions for over 40 years and have the process down to a science. Every detail matters right down to the day of the week to have it, how to sell multiple tracts, and creating an exciting atmosphere at the auction for bidders.  Usually a 60-75 Day process from when the first advertising is sent out, the auction takes place, and the closing is completed.

Private Treaty – also known as Listing is a great way to market your farm also. This method is used for many reasons including comfort of the sellers, a unique property that may take an extra effort to find the right buyer, no real time limits on when the land has to be sold, and more! With this method the property can sell in just days or may take a little longer, but once the purchase agreement is signed it usually takes around 30 to 45 days to close.

Hybrid Sale Method– This is a newer type of auction in a controlled environment and for sellers that want the traditional feel but without the open door setting. Unlike an open public auction, only preregistered buyers are allowed to attend the day of the sale. Any qualified and interested party may sign up but the auction is held behind closed doors from spectators. The sale itself differs from a live auction and is conducted in the LandProz Hyrbrid Method Style which is more of round table bidding format. It is usually a 60-75 Day process from when the first advertising is sent out, the hybrid auction takes place, and the closing is completed.


What Type of Property Do you Have?

No two farms are alike. This is what makes the sale process unique and challenging. Here are a few things to think about, which will eventually help determine how we market and price your farm. Do not be concerned if you don’t know all of the answers, this is where your LandProz Agent can help!

Do you have mostly cropland, timber, or pasture?

Where is the farm located and how is it accessed?

Has the Property been surveyed and if not is this something that needs to be done?

What are the soil types and what is the soil rating?

Is there tile and tile maps? Where is the outlet?

Are there lakes, ponds, fences, or outbuildings?

Is there currently a lease agreement with a tenant?

Are there any farmable acres enrolled in CRP?

Have any acres been put in WRP, RIM, or other similar programs?


How will LandProz market my farm?

LandProz offers many ways for you reach buyers and market you land by using a variety of marketing strategies and advertisements.

LandProz Website

Website Ads on Many Other Land, Real Estate, & Auction Websites

Our Personal Email List of Investors & Farmers

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat

Direct Mailers to Resident & Absentee Landowners

Flyers Placed in Proven Frequent Buyer Locations

Radio – FM & AM stations, all Genres of Music & Farm Programs

Online & Hard Copy Newspaper & Shopper Ads

Signage – Large Custom Built LandProz signs designed specifically for your Land

Direct Contact – We Personally Call or Go See as Many Potential Buyers as Possible


What is my property worth?

Many factors are evaluated in order to determine your farm’s value. Our LandProz agents will complete a No Cost Land Evaluation and provide you with a complimentary analysis of your farm.




What do I need to do during the sales process?

From the minute you decide to work with us until the closing process is completed, we take care of you and your land. Once we have all the materials we need, your LandProz agent will do the rest!



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